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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve News

It's a GIRL!!!
Christmas Eve was really special for us this year. We've had the gender of our sweet baby sealed in an envelope for about a month now. We wanted to make the announcement of our baby's gender special so we decided that we'd find out on Christmas Eve.
 Having ALL the family together under one roof was tough, as the Holidays are always such a busy time for us all, but we did manage to get my side of the family together and made a call to Douglas' family during the gender reveal so they could be included too.
There are many ways couples are doing gender reveal these days but I thought it would be a treat to have a special cake made by one of Charlotte's talented cake ladies, Gail Buff of Cheesecake Etc. I had sent her a couple of pictures of what we were looking to have made based on whether it was a boy or girl....and she nailed it! The cake was a beautiful ombre' of pinks inside and the outside had a vintage look to it. We absolutely loved it and it tasted amazing.

It was such a heartfelt, joyful moment.
No words can express how happy and delighted Douglas and I are to be blessed with a baby girl. Her BIG brother, Grant, is over the moon with excitement too.

Here is a video that my sister put together of our special cake cutting gender reveal moment following by a few pictures.



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