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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Baby Bump Photoshoot

So, I long debated about doing a maternity shoot slightly for the fact that I have felt less than attractive for the past month now and my state of comfort, feeling confident and even the slightest sexy is long gone. I mean, let me be honest, my boobs feel like the size of cannons, my skin feels like it's at its worst, the weight gain, the "I wish I could see my toes", the insomnia, the anxiety, and the overall feeling like poop. With all the books I have read, I have been waiting on this "feeling" to kick in and I can honestly say, it has arrived (yuck).
Putting my pride aside, (because I keep reminding myself what a blessing it is to be pregnant and this "feeling" that I have is only temporary) I thought long and hard about finding a photographer that could capture my bump.  Well, I had a few in mind but kept coming back to this one in particular, BPosh Photography. I'm glad I chose her. She made me feel comfy and she was so much fun to work with.
 So, we chatted, and she led me to a few photography blogs with some of the most beautiful maternity sessions which left me swooning and inspired.  I was easily convinced that I could do something like this and feel just as pretty. I love doing my own hair and makeup but thought I needed a little help with this pregnancy down in the dumps feeling I've had lately, so she introduced me to a local makeup artist (Simply Beautiful Artistry by Sissy Duncan) who did my hair and makeup for this shoot. She did a great job, made me feel pretty and kept my makeup and hair to a natural look. 
I will say this, if any of you gals out there are expecting mum's, I highly recommend getting a little dolled up and get your bump photographed!  I'm glad I came out of my comfort zone and decided to do it.  Pregnancy is a blessing and such beautiful thing.  I've learned over the past 34 weeks to embrace it and all that you go through. It's hard to believe there's a little miracle in this bump waiting to meet the world and I can't wait to introduce her to it.


{Photo Credit:  BPosh Photography}
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