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Monday, March 11, 2013

Hospital & Baby Checklist

It's about that time! 
My pregnancy planner is telling me to get to packing and preparing (as if I haven't already been doing that)!!  I think of myself as a perpetual over-thinker and my latest preoccupation is what I should bring to the hospital with me.  I am planner and  highly much that I am even planning my husbands suitcase belongings. Call me crazy but this is something my husband loves about me and he's learned to really appreciate it as he, too, is also a very planned out and organized person. 
I've googled a few checklists and this one was something I could relate to but I plan to add more items to the list that I think are hospital necessities or at least for me they are. 
 I was thinking of doing my first video on "What's in my hospital bag" because I had a few people ask me to so I might do that in the next few weeks.  I've watched a few videos already and found that they were so helpful (because I am a VERY visual person) so if I decide to do a video, I hope that you will find mine just as helpful or just plain fun. 
Do you have any items that you packed in your hospital bag that you'd like to share that you found were helpful?
I'll be back with more on my Hospital and Baby Checklist items soon!
Thanks for stopping by.

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