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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Closet Favorites

I am in love with these dresses.

Especially because they have been really great, comfortable dresses for me during my last few months of pregnancy and I can still wear them during the next few months (post baby) while I work on trying to get my waist back (with the help of THIS awesome purchase).
For any of you expecting Mother's out there that don't want to spend money on maternity dresses/clothing, (which has been my goal during my entire pregnancy) these have been really great purchases and I still plan to get a lot of wear out them.  Free People has probably been the best clothing choice for me and a lot of local boutiques (and Belk) carries this brand.
{Converse Dress as seen on #ascottfriday +  #targetdoesitagain}
Click on any of the links above for information on where to purchase these dresses.
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