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Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Two Months: Isla Rose

Happy Two Months Isla !
Two of the best months of our lives have gone by, and we could not have imagined life any sweeter than this and I can honestly say that love has truly been redefined.  You are the light of our lives. You have brought unbelievable joy into our lives, melted our hearts, and touched our soul in so many ways. Your gummy smile, your big blue eyes, your puffy lips, your soft skin, your little rolls, your cute toes.... I mean, there are just  not enough words to describe the love that we have for you.
Isla is really starting to blossom and nothing makes us happier.  We are starting to see more of her personality and she beginning to smile more and she has several of them too.  She loves my funny noises and seems mesmerized with her Daddy's voice. She has even starting goo'ing and gah'ing at us.  She seems to be quite the social little butterfly but mostly her little heart seems most content either by the ocean or in the arms of her loved ones.
She loves to be held and cuddled constantly...which means she totally dislikes being put down, even for the slightest moment but we don't mind because we love to cuddle her constantly.
She's currently 11 pounds 5 ounces and 23.2 inches long. At her one month checkup, she was in the 75th percentile and I am sure you can see by the looks of all her pictures that I constantly post that she a healthy baby girl, I mean, look at those rolls!!!! Gah!!
Bath time has become a nightly routine and she absolutely loves the water.  The water totally mellows her out and puts her into sleepy mode which is great because it allows the husband and I to have some time alone in the evening to chat, giggle and talk about our day....and some nights we even get in a nice dinner together, a boat ride or a little ENews.
She's not quite sleeping in her crib yet.  She loves her Snuggle Nest that's placed between us in our King Sized bed. She sleeps like a little angel and it's something we certainly don't mind. I am sure around three months we will start trying to put her in the crib to sleep at night but for now I am enjoying the sweet coziness of us three being together in bed.   
She loves riding in her car seat which has made it so easy on us for traveling with her to the beach.  She has been to the beach three times so far. She's quite the little mermaid beach babe we had hoped for.

She also loves her swing.  We take that everywhere we go too.  When she naps during the day, that's her sweet spot.  She naps so peaceful in it.
She's definitely made being parents easy on us.  Her sweet demeanor and loving ways sure continue to melt our hearts.  We feel so very blessed and I am so glad that God has chosen us to be her parents.
Dear Time,
Please slow down....
We want her to stay little forever
but it's true when we say how excited we are to see what new milestones and developments she will make over the next month.
Happy Two Months.
Oh, sweet Isle Rose,
we love you so, so much.
Mom & Dad
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