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Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Letter to My Daughter

A Mother's Love for her child knows no boundary.
Dear Sweet Isla Rose,
Your name fits you so perfectly.  Your Daddy and I named you due to the love we share for the islands.  The meaning of Isla means "Devoted to God".  The meaning of Rose is "Flower".  I love the fact that your little nickname was "Petunia" before you were even born and I still love calling you that and it seems to make you smile.

Words can’t describe how I feel to have you as my daughter. You are my everything. You help me understand what it truly means to love, forgive and to be a mom. You are a beautiful reflection of my husband and I. You look so much like your Daddy that I fall hard in love with you each and every day.  I love every moment of this life that I share with you.
Your smile brings me such joy and your sweetness melts my heart and your beauty lights my world. Your eyes are mesmerizing and I love to look through them with hope.  
I pray that God grants me the ability to explain the beauty of life to you daily in which a way you will have the greatest love for things unseen but even greater with your touch. Being your Mother is an amazing gift and God knew his plan and purpose when he chose us as your parents.
They say that when you have a baby, your heart lives outside you, and that phrase has come to mind so many times since you were born. It is amazing to me how much love we have for you. We love showing you off to the world.  You're only three months old and I believe you have the biggest fan club already here at the local shops and around town.  You are quite the social butterfly.

  There is no love like a mother's love. I also once heard that when you have a baby, you're allowing your heart to forever go walking outside your body. It's so true.You have my heart.

I love you to the moon and back.

{Stay tuned for a post from the Hubby next week}

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