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Monday, July 14, 2014

Tess+Tricia: Currently Crushing

I've been thinking about adding a "Currently Crushing" section to my blog and there's no better way to start my very first post with Tess+Tricia.
Tess+Tricia is a mother daughter company based out of Excelsior, Minnesota. Driven by a passion for jewelry, business and design, Tess+Tricia created their company in 2013 with an emphasis on genuine Antler Tip Necklaces, and Natural Stone jewelry. Tess+Tricia pride themselves in handcrafting each piece locally, and keeping prices honest. I've been a fan of their pieces and wanted to share my love for their work, their creations, their talent.  They use naturally shed antler tips found in the woods of Utah and finish every piece with gold-filled materials. In many cultures, a shed antler is seen as a sign of wisdom, courage and luck in a new journey ahead; for when the animal has shed its antler, it has grown spiritually and physically into a new stage of life.
Head on over to their website by clicking HERE to see their stuff.  They are also hiring! So any of you locals to the area that are looking for a great place to work, this would be it.
I chose this bracelet:
The Bella Bracelet is a larger stone bracelet within the Tess+Tricia summer line. Finished with a Tess+Tricia Charm and handmade Egyptian cotton tassel,the Bella Bracelet is a light and summer touch to nearly any style.
Howlite stones are said to promote:
-Alleviate anxiety
Add any charm to this bracelet to add a personal touch, or keep it simple in it's own beauty.
I'm definitely looking forward getting more pieces from their line soon.

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