Bergen Taylor Hightower

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Finding Inspiration

I have been feeling somewhat uninspired lately.  My mind runs a hundred miles per hour but putting it down on paper or blogging it hasn't happened for me lately.  Where are my creative genes?? When this happens, I tend to keep myself busy with a myriad of things to do like clean the house, rearrange the living room or kitchen, go shopping or go for a run. 

My husband has noticed my dull sense of passion as well but he quickly reminded me of how passionate I am about a lot of things.  He always knows how to make me feel good. I guess I just needed to hear it.  Tonight, I got home and started my blog journal. That way, when I'm suddenly inspired or have a topic or project on my mind, I can write it down to refer to at a later date.  Makes perfect sense to me!!

It's a way of confidence!

xo, Bergen

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