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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Isla Rose Update

Isla Rose, 4 years old

Thought I would jump on here to give you all a quick little update on Isla.  Over the past year, she has continued seeing her eye doctor at CEENTA and has had no dramatic changes in her vision other than decreasing the magnification on her glasses she wears.  Her doctor is always happy to hear about how well she is doing and is always amazed at her progress.  It is always a relief to know that she hasn't lost any vision or had any major changes with her eyesight.  With Isla's diagnosis (LCA), we know that there will be a time where she will start to notice changes going on with her eyesight and it will be helpful when she is able to start communicating that information to us and her doctors so that we can understand more of what Isla is seeing.  This is why we are preparing her now with learning braille, weekly occupational therapy visits, vision therapy and many other things.  Some days it seems like a lot for a four year old to be taking on so many things but we want to expose her to every option and opportunity given to her.  Which is why I created what we like to call "Isla's big dreamer bucket list".  We want to take her to places she wants to see and do things she asks about - whether it's something as small as go see the ocean, go to the zoo or plan a trip to Disney World.  Whatever comes to her mind and she expresses interest in wanting to go see it then we want to be sure to cross it off her bucket list each year. 
Over the summer months, we have kept Isla pretty busy with activities. One of the activities she started recently was swim lessons. Getting her in swim lessons was very important to us because we are constantly around water and we want her to know how to swim. She is doing great with it and still has more to learn and get comfortable with but over time we have no doubt she will be a good swimmer.   Isla is a brave soul but she also knows her boundaries and she will certainly let you know when she's not comfortable with doing something.  We plan to try and keep her in the swimming lessons through the Fall and pick it back up in the Spring so we will see how it goes.  I will be sure to give an update on how she is doing with that and when she will graduate from little fish to big fish!
With Isla in full swing of preschool, she tends to tire a little more than her usual.  When I pick her up, she will either fall asleep in the car on the drive home or she will take a good two hour nap when she gets home. We are pretty certain she's a little more tired than normal because she is using what vision she has to her fullest capability and also from trying to keep up with the other children and classroom activities.  Her vision teacher and her occupational therapist visits her there while in preschool.  She truly loves all her teachers and we are so thankful for that.  Some fun things we've learned from Isla's teachers is that she loves to start her day out with the |good morning" song, that she is a good listener, loves to be a helper and loves going to the playground.  I am sure as the school year goes on, we will learn a little more about what Isla is enjoying at school and what her strengths and weaknesses are. We love hearing about her day at preschool!   

Isla has been by my side since the day she was born.  It was an easy decision for me to leave dentistry behind to be a stay-at-home-mama and it's something I am still so grateful for.  For the past four years, I have tried to expose Isla to many fun and adventurous things.  I miss her while she is at school but I am so proud and happy for this next chapter.  I will always have the worry over her, wondering if someone will help her when she falls, guide her when she's not quite sure about her next step or just be that extra set of eyes for her when she's having a hard time seeing.  Over time, she'll make special friends and she will also learn to become more and more independent and that some days it is OK to ask for a little help. 

We are excited to watch Isla continue to grow, learn and discover. 

Here's a little video I thought I would share with you of Isla on the playground.
She doesn't like to use her cane when she's on the equipment because she likes to have free hands.

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  1. Thanks for posting an update! Isla is getting to be a big girl and I always stand in awe at how much she does and you do for her. I'm sure it is incredibly difficult to let her go to school on her own, and I don't really know you, Bergen, but I get the idea you're a tough cookie, and Isla is just like her mama in that regard, so she will conquer. And it goes without saying that she is the cutest, best dressed little thing I have ever, ever seen! Good luck to Miss Isla in school this year! xo

  2. Isla is so amazing and we love having her in our class. I loved reading about her and can't wait to read more. ❤️