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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Happy Six Months William

Six whole months with Baby William!!  

I can't believe how fast time seems to pass - the season has changed and so has he!
William had his six month checkup last month and he is a solid 18 pounds and charting in the 97th percentile.  Yes, I have big babies - There is no denying that!!

William is probably the most laid back baby we have ever known.  Some of his favorite things are being held, tummy kisses, snuggling, smiling, car rides, stroller rides, bath time, and tummy time.  He just recently started to somewhat crawl or combat crawl might be a better word for what he is actually doing.  William also got started on some solid foods last month and has really been enjoying all the variety of tastes he's been getting.  William is definitely not a good sleeper like his sister and big brother were.  It's been hard and challenging at times but in time I know that he will establish some kind of sleep pattern. Just hoping sooner rather than later!

William has certainly bonded with his siblings over the past six months. What I love most is seeing the relationship growing between all of them and how much they love and make each other smile and laugh.  They adore him and he is starting to really enjoy being with them. Every time they walk into the room, William's eyes light up!  

Six months with this little handsome  boy have been fun yet challenging.  He is constantly pulling at our hearts with those big dimples and gummy smile.  His little personality is seriously the best. We truly love seeing him grow and learn.

We love you so much, William.  Happy Six Months of Life.

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