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Monday, February 13, 2012

Runway for the Ballet

Every year, right around February, I get a little love struck over a very special event that takes place......The Runway for the BalletMy heart just goes pitter patter over all the champagne, ballet and fashion and when you place all  three  of these things in one room for an event, I am left breathless.  I could write pages about last nights 5th Annual Runway for the ballet but I will leave you with a few snapshot of the evening.
OH!!!  And I got to meet my FAVORITE dancer, Pete Wallace III.  He's so charming! 
He really is and I have the pleasure of going back to see him in "Sleeping Beauty".

{Fashion:  Neiman Marcus Spring 2012}

{VIP Seating with special gift bags from Neiman Marcus}

{With the dancer!!}

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

xo, Bergen

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