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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

5 Beauty Products I Can't Live Without

This week, I am going to share with you Products I Love and my Day and Night Facial Routine. 
I think skincare is so important. I always tell some of my girlfriends who invest their time and money on their nails and toes that it's nice to treat yourself to those things every now and then but I am an avid believer that putting your face and skin FIRST and FOREMOST over those manicures and pedicures will by far pay off in the long run!! I get facials once a month and will sometimes go every two months but no longer than that.
Here are five products I use daily and cannot live without:
Theraderm Facial Wash

Clarisonic Cleanser

Aquaphor Lip Repair
I use this in the morning as a primer before applying my lip color and before I go to bed

TEAMINE Eye Complex
I use this twice a day
Johnson's Baby Lotion in Honey Apple. 
I use this every morning when I get out of shower and Johnson's Sleep Better at night before bed.
Stay tuned tomorrow for a post on my daily facial routine, products that I love, why I get facials and what I get done. I'll be an open book on this post and lay it all there because I have not always treated my skin fairly. Do you have any products you love and can't live without?
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  1. Ok I've heard that the clarisonic is something I shouldn't be living without :-) I do need to bite the bullet one of these days and try it! You have the prettiest name!!


    1. You're so sweet, Mia! Thank you. And I love your name! Yes, the Clarisonic has been a great purchase for me. Going on two years now. You can find them on Amazon and lots of places run little specials on them. Hope you get one soon. xo