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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Our Birth Story

I wanted to share our birth story with you all and since Mother's Day was just here, it has got me thinking of Motherhood.  The beauty of life and celebrating Mom's, Babies and the life force they bring and all the sweet moments that touch us. 
This is the birth story of our sweet little Isla Rose Higtower.
Isla Rose was scheduled to arrive via c-section on Wednesday, May 1st, 2013.
We were scheduled to arrive the hospital that morning at 7:00am.  Douglas gathered our many bags, helped me into the car and off we went to the hospital. I remember that morning like it was yesterday.  My husband was so quiet but kept reaching for my hand and telling me how much he loved me. When we arrived the hospital, they took us back to our room and started paperwork and prepping my IV's for surgery. I was so nervous, scared and anxious. Once they got us settled into our room, Douglas' parents, my sister, my Aunt and my Mother arrived for a quick visit while we were waiting on the anesthesiologist.  It was nice having them in the room for an hour to keep me calm and my mind worry free. I was completely anxious and nervous but having them there, hearing their encouraging words and just their presence was the best feeling and so comforting to both of us.
So, after two hours of "prepping" the clock struck 9:30 and it was "time".  The nurses came ready to roll me out of the room to prep me for the spinal block with the anesthesiologist.  This is the part that I was dreading the most because I was warned how painful this process was. They didn't mislead me at all.  It was every bit of what they explained to me.  Quick but painful and somewhat different from an epidural as they explained. They didn't allow my husband to come in for this part of the process until after the block was completed and we were about to begin surgery.  Not having my husband to stand by me during this scary process was not settling to me at all. So, my doctor was awesomely amazing and considerate enough to come in to the OR and "hold my hand" to coach me through.  It took only 10 minutes to give me the spinal block and it was incredibly painful, I am not going to lie!!  Once that was done, all I can remember is seeing my husband being led into the room and sitting down by where my head was laying.  The look on his face was completely unforgettable.  Still remaining humbled and quiet, I could tell he was nervous and worried over me.  My blood pressure dropped and they had a few small complications with getting my pressure and breathing steady but rest assured they got everything under control and continued with the c-section. Minutes later, I remember being asked if I felt anything, and then, after what seemed like only a minute, I heard my doctor say, “Okay, we are about to pull her out. You will feel a lot of pressure.” What? Already?! I thought. Before I knew it, our doctor had safely pulled her out.  Then, we  heard our baby girl cry for the first time.  It was the best sound in the world!!
Isla was born May 1st, at 9:54am and weighed 8 pounds, 2 ounces and 18 1/2 inches beautiful.  I remember looking up at Douglas and he was full of tears and joy.  After getting her all cleaned up, Douglas cuts the umbilical cord and brought her over to me to do a cheek to cheek rub. My thoughts immediately were, "I can’t believe that I have a daughter". It was the sweetest touch and a moment I will never forget. She was the most incredible little girl I had ever seen.  I marveled at seeing the way Douglas looked at her and I completely melted at the way my son fell in love with his little sister.

All the family was brought in to meet her a few hours later and it was like one big party in the room. I loved that all the family was in our room together. It made me so happy to see and feel the love that everyone had for this little girl of ours.  Shortly after that, everyone was led out of the room and Douglas and I had a chance to spend some alone time with her and I began to nurse her for the first time. Although I didn't feel well and was still heavily sedated, I could not help but to think about how blessed we were. Nursing was something I struggled with my entire pregnancy because I wasn't sure that I was going to be succesful at it.  I have had a few breast surgeries and was told the the success rate of me nursing was at a low because of the surgeries but we had lactation come in immediately to coach me through and as of today, things are going well with the nursing and have had a great support team.
We were in the hospital for 4 days.  Four tiring but wonderful days of being pampered by my husband, our family, friends and staff at CMC Pineville.  It was such a blessing to have such amazing, supportive people around us during those four days but we were ready to venture back to our home and introduce Isla Rose to her home --- and her nursery.
We feel truly blessed to have her in our life and are completely in love with her. This was one of the best days of my life.


Thank you for letting me share our birth story with you. I am so thankful to my sweet husband and family for taking the time to snap these pictures during these precious moments. These pictures are so dear to me and will always remind me of what life and family is all about. 

Thanks for stopping by.

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