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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy Eight Months: Isla Rose

  "Faith will get you everywhere darling, just you wait"

Dear Beautiful Isla Rose,

Happy New Year and Happy Eight Months!!
It's been 8 beautiful months since you came into this world. Between now and then, you have overcome so much and although you will not remember all that you have went through in just your short 8 months of life, I carry those memories in my heart to one day tell you how strong you are. You hold my heart captive, and you always will.  Your presence in our lives is the gift that keeps on giving.  Each day that goes by, you seem to grow right before our eyes....getting stronger and bursting with so much energy and personality.  Your beautiful smile, your adorable dimple, your curious hands, your squishy rolls and your beautiful angel eyes....every inch of you I am so in love with.

You give me worth, strength and make me full of life and my body is proof of what it means to be a Mother. Every day, when I look in the mirror at my body I see a scar and I am quickly reminded that beneath that scar is where you and your brother entered this world from and where your lives began. That scar will never go away and neither will the love I have for you and your big brother. 
Month Seven was a BIG month for you.  You just recently learned to sit up on your own. You have also learned to stay on your tummy to play with your special light up toys and turn over.  You're becoming so strong and before you know it, you'll be crawling towards those special light up toys. You also enjoy music and being outside. Those two things bring you peace at heart.  We can tell.  There's not a morning or day that goes by that you don't enjoy an hour or two of music, breathing in deep breathes of the fresh air and looking up to the beautiful skies.  You also love to laugh and mimic coughing.  It melts our hearts and is seriously the cutest sound.  One thing is for love your "Da-Da" and have him wrapped around your chubby little finger and I am pretty sure he's quite alright with that.

{Isla's Outfit Details:  Freshly Picked Moccs & NC State Diaper Shorts}

Happy 8 Months, Little Doll.
We love you more than words can ever describe!!
Mommy, Daddy and Big Brother Grant

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  1. Bergen, she is absolutely beautiful! Happy 8 months little Isla Rose!