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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy Eleven Months: Isla Rose

 Dear Isla Rose,
Happy Eleven Months!!
Where has the time gone? 
I can still remember riding home from the hospital, ready to begin this big adventure of life as a family of four. It seriously seems just like yesterday and I get a bit choked up even thinking about our journey from the time we found out about you, til the moment we heard your sweet cry for the first time.  You have brought so much laughter and joy to us. Our days are brighter, louder and full of love and giggles because of you and we wouldn't trade it or change it for the world.

 At 11 months, you are quite the little charmer with that toothy grin and adorable laugh that you have mastered.  And your beautiful eyes....goodness! When I look into those stunning blue eyes of yours, I am truly overwhelmed with love for you. Watching you grow everyday is one of the biggest joys I have ever known. Your smell is divine and your skin is sooooo soft, I hope I never forget your sweet smell and soft touch.  And let's talk about your sweet baby rolls....I could squeeze and squish them all day long.  I have noticed that with each passing month, those little rolls are starting to diminish and you're getting SO long! I know one day I am going to miss those chunky rolls.
This last month has been a whirlwind. One minute you're trying to pull up, the next you are crawling and now you're becoming quite the little pro at it. You've certainly mastered our floor plan and it is so fun to watch you explore and scoot around. We watch with amazement, cheer you on, take videos and snap photos as if you're competing in the US Olympics or something....but you absolutely LOVE the attention and it seems to make you smile even bigger!  

You sleep through most of the nights, but here lately, you seem to have bursts of energy and want to practice your pulling up and crawling around in your crib in the middle of the night. You definitely keep us on our toes and we love that about you. Some of the best moments have been the sweet snuggles you give when you nestle your head into our shoulders to get as close as you can to us,   watching you take that first crawl across the floor, the way you laugh and giggle when your favorite morning cartoon comes on {Peppa the Pig} and my all time favorite is how you make my heart melt with how you touch our face with your sweet little hands. I think you know every inch our features more than we will ever know. You're so amazing! 


You have 5 teeth with two more anterior teeth are coming in
Pulling yourself up in the crib and on the furniture
Drinking water from a Sippie Cup
Picking up cheerios and eating them from your hand.
Crawling and scooting across the floor
You can say "Dada", "Mama" and "NaNa"
You're now eating stage 3 foods and are really starting to love "real" food.

Favorite Foods: 
Green Beans, Peas, Broccoli, Steamed Carrots, Spinach mixed with Pears, Garden Veggies,
& Grits (thanks to Grandma), Mango, Kiwi, Pears, Apples, and pretty much any fruit you can get your hands on.

You weigh around 25 pounds, wear size 4 diapers and size 18 - 24 months clothes. You are scrumptious. Every inch of you!! Your hair is growing fast and there is no denying that you still look just like your Daddy. In fact, you are a spitting image of him from head to toe.

We're looking forward to celebrating a BIG month coming up.
Your FIRST Birthday!!
We can't wait to celebrate.

Happy Eleven Months precious angel.
We love you with all our heart and soul!

Mommy, Daddy
and Big Brother Grant.

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