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Thursday, May 1, 2014

She Is One

{Photo Credit: BPosh Photography}

Dear Isla Rose,
Happy One Year Beautiful.
I can't really believe the day is here and we are celebrating YOU.
What a beautiful year it has been.
This time last year we were packing up our bags up and heading to the hospital to prepare for your arrival and at approximately 9:45 that morning, your Daddy and I received the most precious gift. One that has made our family feeling so complete and full of love.  That gift is you, sweet girl.
Your captivating eyes that are like a window to your pure soul.
Your innocence and the love that you show everyone in this family is a blessing that I will never take for granted. And when you meet a stranger in passing, you seem to touch their hearts in a way I cannot explain.  Every day for the past 12 months, you have inspired me and made me become a more humble and content soul.  Today and going forward,  know that your life has made such a profound difference in our lives and we can never imagine our life without you here in it.
There have been so many milestones that we are so very proud of and we have ecstatically celebrated every single one of them. Big or small, our heart could just burst with joy and pride over all you are doing.

Always know how much you are loved, my sweet little petunia. Your grandparents look at you in awe of your happiness and angelic features. They hold you in their arms, beaming with love as they marvel at how your existence is so beautiful. Your aunties and uncles and cousins love you, dearly. Your big brother kisses you constantly. All he wants to do is pinch at your chub rolls!! He would do anything for you though, sweet girl. You are the gleam in your father’s eye. Every day I thank God for choosing me to be your mommy and I feel so extremely blessed to be married to your wonderful Daddy and now you are here to enrich our family and make us feel at whole. You make us feel so alive!

We cannot wait to celebrate your birthday with family and friends this weekend.
I am sure I will shed a little tear!

We will always be here for you.
Guide you. Pick you up when you fall.
However, the rest is all in God's hands.
So our prayers for you are that He continues to bless you,
and to keep his hand over you to protect you.
Happy Birthday, Isla Rose!!
We love you through and through.
Mommy, Daddy and Big Brother Grant
Coming Soon:  Isla Rose and her first cake smash session by Cherished Acorns.

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