Bergen Taylor Hightower

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

She Walks

"So determined and spirited, we never doubt that you will persevere through any challenges you have throughout life because you are simply amazing"

We have been keeping ourselves busy with working on Isla's September goals that her vision teachers have given her for the month and walking was one of them. Last Friday was such a big day.  We spent most of day exploring around and she has definitely been keeping us on our toes.  On Friday evening, Isla decided to take 5 steps down the foyer. The next thing we know, she was walking all on her own. It all happened so fast and being the person I am, I wanted to catch it on camera and I did!!!  Well, not the very first moment of it but I did manage to get her on camera at some point to show and share with the grandparents!  Mimi and Grandma both cried when hearing of the news.  They were so proud of this munchkin.  Special moments like this just happen and when they do, it makes you realize how precious life can really be. These moments are so incredibly sweet that it's hard to put into words how alive they make me feel. They are "firsts" and I cherish every "first" my children have.   It's such a beautiful responsibility of being a mother. When I look at my darling children, I am easily reminded of how blessed I am. They are my everything. 

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