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Monday, September 7, 2020

Summer 2020


Summer has come and gone.  

It's been a while since my last post so I am going to share some of what we were up to over the summer.  I hope to be able to spend more time sharing updates on here and I know that I am way overdue for an update on Isla Rose and her journey through vision loss and living with LCA.  I promise I will spend some time to update you all very soon.  For now, here are a few pictures from our socially distanced adventures over the summer.  

Getting creative with sidewalk chalk.

Big brother Grant graduated from High School.

Day trip to the mountains to visit a special place.

Beach trips to Ocean Isle Beach

A visit to Draper Farm to see the Sunflower Fields.

Finding the beauty in all the blooms around us.

We love all the wall art around the city.

Strawberry Pikin' at Lineberger's Farm

Finally got to spend a day with the cousins!

Lake Days!

Park and trail adventures at The Schiele Museum.

Apple Picking at Windy Hill.

Visited the Alpaca Farm 

More Lake Days and Swimming

Nature Trail

Supporting our local farms

Holden Beach

Cherry Grove with family

Supporting our local restaurants 

Ice cream from the Ice Cream Truck!!

Frequent visits to one of our favorite spots to shop, dine and grab ice cream

Finding happiness in uncertain times

Apple Picking 

Flower Fields

Strolls around our town

Celebrated Isla's 7th Birthday 

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden 

Celebrated William's 3rd Birthday!

The Peach Stand

 Tiger World 

When Restaurants finally opened back up!

More lake days and boat rides

This was just a few pictures from our summer break. It was a good summer and we made the best of it considering the current pandemic going on.  Hope you all had a fun and safe summer as well.

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