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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Beach Dreamin'

If I could talk my husband in to moving to the beach, I don't think he'd hesitate one bit!  We both long for the beach on a daily basis and I think at some point, he'd really consider moving there. We even spend our weeknights talking up and pre-planning visits about when we can slip in a quick trip. That's a whole lot of talking about the beach. If only we lived a bit closer, I think the trips would happen a bit more than once a month. 
Not sure when our first official beach trip with our little twinkle toes will be but I can assure you it will be not long after she's born.  This little daughter of ours will have salty hair sand in her veins. 
I truly cannot wait until we make it to the beach.


{photo credits:  Pinterest}
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