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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Life Happens...

This week, we have had nothing but bad luck. The kind that's dragging me down and making me want to run out into an open field and just scream. {yes, that kind}  We had some electrical problems in our home that we had to face earlier this week, our outdoor jacuzzi is causing us some technical problems and now our upstairs air conditioning unit has gone completely out on us.  We can do an easy, quick fix for $200 or do what's completely necessary and have the unit replaced for a whopping $10k to $15k, which is what they recommend. {Ok, sure, let me pull that $15,000 out of my ass} I literally just broke down and started crying this afternoon. Why is all this happening at once?  Not to mention that we are expecting a baby any day/week now and as you know, having a little one is not cheap either.  I hate debt.  Cannot stand it but the truth is that everyone has it.  When you buy and invest in things in life, you take on debt.  I realize that but it's hard to grasp and take on, especially when it all seems to be hitting you at once. 
Right now, I just want to curl up, close my eyes and make it all disappear or stroll off to the coast to ease my mind.  I guess there are more tragic things in life that can occur but this has all seemed to hit us at once and it's been stressful to deal with.  We'll get through it.....
Pass the vino!
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