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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Perfect Bath

This is my kind of bubble bath...

Image:  Vogue, Ritz Carlton in Paris

Today, we had a great doctor's appointment checkup. Our little girl is continuously growing and so is my belly.  I've gained more weight over the past few weeks than I have my entire pregnancy.  It kind of upset me this morning when I stepped on the scale but they reassured me that I was on the low end of my weight gain.  A total of 28 pounds to be exact!!  (yikes)  I feel so bloated and achey but I sill have my bursts of energy to go on my morning walks which keeps me a happy gal. 
I am currently dilated around 2cm which means she's making her way to the world.  My due date is still April 29th but we are hoping she makes her grand appearance before then....because I am feeling the effects of her "being in position" if you know what I mean...
Which brings me to the subject of this beautuful picture above.  Lately, I've become somewhat dependent upon bubble baths.  So, I am taking advantage of these quiet  afternoon's by soaking in a bubble bath with a glass of sparkling water and my favorite tunes playing in the background.....pretending it's somewhat like this.  Gorgeous, right!?  What girl doesn't want to soak in a pretty, pink bubble bath?
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