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Monday, October 21, 2013

The Isla Rose Animal Collection

It's not every day that your child gets a doll collection made after her name!
Katy and I met through Instagram and I quickly learned about her shop on Etsy called Sweet Littles Handmade. I have an obsession of finding the neatest dolls and toys for Isla Rose. So, she shared the news with me about the collection she had been working on and was getting ready to launch it on her Etsy shop.  I got a sneak peak at one of the dolls she had made and I went completely bonkers over the cuteness of it. I wanted it for Isla so badly!!  Katy apparently had read my story about Isla's diagnosis through my photos and here on my blog and in some way it touched her heart so much that she wanted to help and so she named her collection of dolls after Isla Rose. About a week later, I received a package on my doorstep and it was the doll from the collection that Katy had gifted our little Isla Rose.  It was the one I had wanted so badly for her.  Isn't it darling?

We are absolutely smitten by the kindness and generosity that Katy has put forth in starting this special collection of handmade dolls. I can imagine how busy she has gotten over the past week with the launch of this collection because they are absolutely adorable.  The collection consists of 4 handmade dolls that are dressed up as animals.  The "Isla Rose Animal Collection" by Sweet Littles Handmade and 10 dollars from every doll purcahsed in the collection will go to help support Isla Rose as we embrace her diagnosis of LCA (Leber's Congenital Amaurosis) and begin our journey with clinical trials and traveling to different medical facilities for research. Each doll will come with a special note about Isla Rose and the foundation we support {FFB} thru the end of this year! We are truly thankful and grateful.
You can shop the collection HERE on Etsy.

I also wanted to share Katy's story on why she decided to make this collection and name it after Isla:
I came across Miss Isla Rose on IG. Her little smile melted my heart. Then as I began reading her story and seeing the amazing love her family has, I was smitten. I knew that I wanted to do something, anything, even just a little to help bless Isla Rose and her family! When my middle child was a year old he got sick, we were in and out of doctors offices, specialists, emergency rooms, operations, medications...oh goodness it was such a hard time in our life! But the little things that people did, the love that was shown to our family! Those things got us thru, they made us feel like we were not alone! I want to be sure the Hightower's know that they are loved! That they are not alone!!
These four dolls are dressed as animals! Capturing the whimsy of childhood and the imagination that only children have! They are made from luxury fabric! High quality velvet and chiffon, thick cozy flannel and 100% linen! They are made to be loved and held and each has so many different textures! They are made to make any child smile! As well as to educate people about Isla Rose and the FFB!!
Much Joy, Katy of Sweet Littles Handmade.

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