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Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Six Months: Isla Rose


Dear Isla Rose,

So, the seasons have changed and so have you!
You are six months old, a 1/2 year today and 20 pounds, 5 ounces of PURE love and cuteness. 
On May 1st, 2013, as I held you in my arms for the very first time, I fell in love with you so instantaneously and so completely. Today, exactly six months later, I know in my heart that I love you more and more each day, much like I do with your Daddy ever since the day I met him. 
It's been an adventure to watch you grow so beautifully.
We love you like CRAZY and you seriously are the sweetest baby we could have ever been blessed with.  I certainly cannot imagine our life without you. 
 Over the past month we have seen some big milestones and although Isla Rose has some delays due to her recent diagnosis of LCA, I catch myself staring at her, watching her learn to use her hands to touch and feel her toys.  Her sensory skills are amazing and I find myself tearing up seeing how incredible she is and how quickly she is growing and learning.  We feel so blessed and complete with our little family and we thank God for her health and happiness. One thing is for sure, I have strength in faith that as she gets older, she will embrace this diagnosis such as we did and believe that she is Gods child and that He has made special plans for her. I have already seen the works of the HIM in me, my husband and our family.
When I say that she is God's child, I truly feel it and mean it.
New Milestones:
Cut her first tooth
New Glasses
She is starting to hold her bottle
She started sleeping in her crib two weeks ago to be exact
She  moved up to size three in diapers due to those adorable rolls
She's tolerating tummy time and lifting her head for longer periods of time
She responds to "light"
She started cereal mixed with her milk and fed to her by spoon
She's learning to roll over on her side
She is starting to "mock" us and "coo" more throughout the day
Sweet Isla Rose, we love you more than we words could ever describe to you. You are truly a gift and our prayer for you is that you love the Lord above all things, and that you learn to walk by faith, not by sight every second of your beautiful life. We love you and thank God every day that he trusted us to be the parents of your precious soul. We trust His plan for you....for us.
And let me just add in that I am so lucky to have an amazing son (now 11 years old) that is so in love and awe of you.  He's very protective over you but more than anything, you make him giggle with joy.  It seriously melts my heart and makes me smile to see you two together.

Happy Six Months, our beautiful little angel eyes!
We love you to the moon and back!!
Mom, Dad and Big Brother Grant

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