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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sea Roots: Isla Rose Sailor Knot Bangle

 Isla Rose Sailor Knot Bangle
Isla's Eyes....beautiful, endearing and without sight.
Spread the news of hope, love and support by wearing one of these sailor knot bangles to benefit the needs for Isla Rose.  Wear this bangle and we will love you forever.
I am so grateful and honored to share with you a beautiful creation made by a dear friend, Andrea Marshall, of Sea Roots.  Her work is truly amazing. 
Andrea reached out to me a few months back and told me that my story (Isla's story) had touched her heart and she wanted to do something special and uplifting to help raise awareness but also to help raise money for all of Isla's upcoming expenses that involve research, therapy, special needs, and many other things that come along with finding a cure for her diagnosis. So, her story of the Isla Rose Sailor Knot Bangle came to mind and the creation and design process came to "life".
I wear mine every single day to help keep me encouraged and reminded to never give up HOPE. So with that said, head on over to Sea Roots and grab one for yourself and/or for a friend and wear this bangle to foster encouragement and spread the good news of hope, love and support to benefit the needs of Isla Rose. It also is a great little Holiday gift or Stocking Stuffer!
{A three cord strand is knot easily broken -- Ecc 4:12}
Also, show your love and support when wearing this bangle by snapping a photo and share with us on Facebook and Instragram using these hashtags: #islarose #searoots #islarosesailorknotbangle
Thank you for your support and following our story.
Happy Holidays!!

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  1. So lovely! We adore the color!