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Monday, October 17, 2016

The Pumpkin Patch

When October finally rolls around, we head straight for the pumpkin patch.
  Grant's at the age where he is less excited to visit the pumpkin patch and more interested in just carving them when we get them home. He's pretty creative so I always love to see what he decides to carve and create.  Isla LOVES going to see and feel all of the pumpkins throughout the patch. Last year, she couldn't quite get around the field without holding our hand or wanting us to hold her.  This year she did great and it was really neat to watch her find the perfect pumpkins.  She would occasionally trip here and there but she did pretty good to navigate throughout the field without her cane to pick the ones she liked.  She loves the orange ones because they are bright and easy to see.  I did end up with a few white and green ones to take home for our front porch!

I also took my first bump picture at 16 weeks and shared on social media.
I hope to take more bump pics and share my pregnancy journey with you all.

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Happy October!
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