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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Isla Rose: Celebrating Her First Halloween

My First Halloween 

Halloween truly kicks off the Holiday spirit around our home.
Isla Rose is growing up with our values, in our home, with our traditions that we've carried down from both sides of our family. The traditions start now and we know she's only six months old but I adore Halloween and it's a fun way to start to the Holiday kick-off.
Isla Rose and I dressed up as a White Swan and Black Swan using THIS adorable and fun DIY originally created by my favorite gal, Kelli Murray. Once I followed the easy steps she provided, you could go as far as you wanted with decorating your swan cotumes.
It was a fun process.  I've always loved decorating and crafting and ever since Isla Rose was born, I have found myself doing more and more designing along with crafting around the house.
My little Grant, who is now 11 years young, went to a church function that evening so he didn't participate in dressing up this year but instead did some fun crafts and games which is just as awesome but I miss those days where he jumped for joy when Halloween crept around and would plan his costume out for days.  It almost saddens me to know that he's kinda growing out of that phase.
Isla Rose loved her costume and I loved the way it turned out. 
From the looks of the photos, I believe she felt like a pretty little swan.  Her smile, her "coos" and the way she wiggled like a wild little swan let us know that she was happy.  She may not have been able to see the fun of the costume, but she felt it and ran her fingers through the feathers and every little detail of her costume. 
 It was a beautiful Halloween evening and the skies were a beautiful color as the sun was setting so we packed up a little blanket and lounged outback of our home and snapped a few photos. 
To say the least, Isla Rose was happy, felt the Holiday spirit and loved the beautiful light in the sky.

{Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you -- Hebrews 13:4}
Talk about a promise!
 ~ Hope you all had a fun and fantastic Halloween.~

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  1. I just started reading your blog and story. And I just have to say you have such a beautiful family! Isla Rose is absolutely gorgeous, you can see the happiness she has for the love you give her in every photo you take! She is truly blessed to have such a wonderful mother!! You and your family are in my prayers, it is so inspiring to see how strong you are!